Business, Real Estate, and Intellectual Property Disputes:

Companies and individuals must constantly navigate the risks involved in doing business with others.  We represent clients in complex disputes involving contracts, real estate, employment, construction, asset recovery, partnership disputes, intellectual property, international arbitration, appellate law, telecommunications and other areas. When you are involved in a dispute, our first concern is meeting your business goals.  Whether it involves litigation, arbitration, mediation, or some other creative solution, we represent you at every stage in the process.


Employment Litigation:

We represent clients both as advisers before entering into employment relationships, and as litigators when those relationships result in disputes.  We have experience with employment issues including disputes surrounding non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, separation agreements, and trade secret protection.


Business Formation:

The Brown Firm PLLC helps small businesses get off the ground with legal advice on the benefits and limitations of your entity choices.  We also provide experience with licensing, employment, non-compete, non-solicitation, separation, trade secret protection and other agreements necessary for starting a successful business in Texas.


Intellectual Property Including Trademarks:

We represent both businesses and individuals in the tech sector and the unique challenges presented in protecting the valuable intellectual property that makes the tech industry unique.  Our Intellectual Property experience includes disputes involving trade secrets, licensing, employment non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, trademark and copyright litigation.  We also have experience researching and applying for trademarks, and pursuing office actions supporting trademarks.


General Counsel:

Our experience in litigation also gives us experience in how to avoid litigation.  Many clients depend on us for advice on matters before they reach the courthouse—whether it is a quick or complex question, we are here to help.